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Folk Dance & Popular Dance Robam Prapeini /Robam Pracheaprei

Traditional Folk Dance Refers to all kinds of dances that are passed on from one generation to another and that are often linked to an ethnic group's traditional' ceremonies. In Cambodia, traditional dances mostly involve animism and express beliefs in the super­natural. Khmer DanceWhen people have problems thought to have been caused by super­natural or spirits, they offer lively dances to appease them.

Folk dances are performed at religious ceremonies, festivities, and for leisurely entertainment. Traditionally, all dances were performed in the village in large clearings or public areas at times of birth, marriage, death, during planting and harvesting, hunting, war, or at a feast. Some dances are related to Buddhist beliefs such as Kgnork Pailin and Trot dances. Others are performed once a year according to various spiritual and cere­monial calendars.

Khmer folk dances are highly spirited dances that follow popular themes with lively movements and gestures. Dance motifs are usually based on local legends and the everyday life of the people. Dancers dance with easy, improvised yet composed movements that are designed to invite humor and enthusiasm, with an upbeat music and rhythm. Many dances are accompanied by drums and instru­ments from the 111ohori and pill peat ensemble.

Traditional dances were not performed in a theater or on stage until 1965. From 1975-1979, all dances were interrupted during the Khmer Rouge period. Since then, most traditional dances have been re-choreographed and brought to the stage by researchers of The Royal University of Fine Arts under the direc­tion of Prof. Chheng Phon.

POPCLAR DACES (P.53) ARE COME ONLY KWNOWNdances that people like to perform for enjoyment at social gather­ings or festivities like weddings, house­warmings, birthdays, and parties, etc. Popular dances are especially enjoyed during the New Year. These kind of dances are easy to learn, and can be danced everywhere and at anytime. Everyone ranging from the King to ordi­nary people can be seen performing these dances. The popular dances that are most commonly-known in Cambodia are Rorm Vong, Rorm Silapakar Rorm Kbach, Rorm Saravan, Rorm  Lam Leav, Rorm Broun, and Rorm Chauk Kampeuh.

All popular dances are accompanied by traditional Khmer rhythms and melodies.

  1. Robam Kandob Ses (Praying Mantis Dance)
  2. Robam Skor Souy (Souy Drum Dance)
  3. Robam Top Ambok (Ambok Dance)
  4. Robam Trot Neang Mev (Trot Neang Mev Dance)
  5. Robam Het Hot (Hot Dance)
  6. Robam Chak Mreak (Lacquer Dance)
  7. Robam Phnouk Ploeung Phum Kgnom (Bonfire of My Village Dance)
  8. Robam Krama Khmer (Khmer Krama Dance)
  9. Robam Kngork Pouthisat (Pursat Peacock Dance)
  10. Robam Tbal Kdoeurng (Kdoeurng Mortar Dance)
  11. Robam Kuos Tralork (Ccccrut Shell Dance)
  12. Robam Veay Kang Kep (Frog Catching Dance)
  13. Robam Bork Srov (Rice Husking Dance)
  14. Robam Nesat (Fishing Dance)
  15. Robam Chak Angkrang (Large Red And Harvesting Dance)
  16. Robam Bok Leak (Gum-Lacquer Pounding Dance)
  17. Robam Ken (Ken Dance)
  18. Robam Veay Kouy (Kouy Warrior Dance)
  19. Robam Kanseng Sne (Magic Scarf Dance)
  20. Robam Tunsorng (Wild Ox Dance)
  21. Robam Phuok Phal (Phuok Phal Dance)
  22. Robam Kap Krabey Pheok Sra (Buffalo Sacrifice Dance)
  23. Robam Kontere (Kontere Dance)
  24. Robam Kuos Ang-Re (Pestle Dance)
  25. Robam Veay Krap (Krap Dance)
  26. Robam Chhoeur Lors Slek (Chhoeur Lors Slek Dance)
  27. Robam Chrot Srov Thom (Good Crops Dance)
  28. Robam Bes Kravagn (Cardamom Picking Dance)
  29. Robam Komchat Uptrop Changrey (Chasing Away Bad Spirits Dance)
  30. Robam Kngork Pailin (Pailin Peacock Dance)
  31. Robam Chrot Srov (Harvesting Dance)
  32. Robam Trot (Trot Dance)
  33. Robam Sna (Crossbow Dance)
  34. Robam Apea Pipea Sat ( Bird Wedding Dance)
  35. Robam Sen Ploy (Sen Ploy Dance)
  36. Robam Chram (Chram Dance)
  37. Robam Antung Hen (Antung Hen Dance)
  38. Robam Chhai Yam (Chhai Yam Dance )
  39. Robam Port Chor Rung (Port Chor Rung Dance)
  40. Robam Ploy Souy (Ploy Souy Dance)
  41. Robam Dung Toek Chrus Bousra (Bousra Waterfall Dance)
  42. Robam Skorl (Skorl Dance)
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