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The Events in Cambodia

Cambodia has a wealth of traditional and international festivals. These are times of great rejoicing for the people; many of which flock to the Royal Ploughcapital to join in the celebrations and witness the organised fireworks displays. At these times the Nation unites with a shared common understanding of values and traditions. Even in times of hardship, the people try even harder to make these occasions special. All the traditional festivals are influenced by the concepts of Buddhism, Hinduism and Royal cultures. The following events are the most important celebrations organised throughout the year:

  • Water Festival
    This spectacular event is the most extravagant festival in the calendar, convened over a three-day period commencing with the las t full moon in October or the beginning of November...
  • Phcum Ben
    This is the most culturally and religiously significant event of the year. This "festival of souls" concentrates on blessing the souls of ancestors, relatives and friends who have passed away...
  • King Sihanouk's Birthday Celebration
    This celebration, revering the country's beloved King, takes place in late October or early November. People from all over the country journey to Phnom Penh to join in celebrations ...
  • Khmer New Year
    Celebrated at the same time as the Thai New Year, this festival marks the turn of the year based on the ancient Khmer calendar and marks the end of the season's harvest...
  • Royal Ploughing Festival
    Cambodia has a deep connection with the earth and farming, and there is a strong astrological belief that the Ox plays an instrumental role in determining the fate of the agricultural harvest each year. Every year, in May, this cultural ceremony ...
  • Independence Day
    This important ceremony takes place at the site of the Independence Monument , at the junction of Norodom and Sihanouk Boulevards. The ceremony celebrates Cambodia 's gaining ...
  • National Day
    One of the more recent additions to the festival calendar, this day marks the end of the Khmer Rouge regime. However, for many Khmers, it also marks the start of the Vietnamese regime, seen as another period of foreign occupancy.
  • Other Holidays and Festivals
    Cambodia also celebrates other special days including: International Women's Day , International Worker's Day, Genocide Day, Vesak Buchea Day - The anniversary of the birth, enlightenment and death of Buddha, Chol Vassa - Buddhist Lent and International Human Rights Day.
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